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Journal Your Way to Inspiation and Happiness is an interactive and inspiring workshop about how to write your way to a life that not only looks good – but feels good

One where you’re not trying to be an all-round girl boss / vixen / superwoman who rises at dawn to slay like Beyoncé. Instead, you’re aiming to be more and more YOURSELF, because that’s where your true power lies.

The health and life benefits of journaling are widely documented. However, this workshop shows you exactly HOW to journal. Not in a 1-2-3 step kind of way. But how to access the deeper parts of you, and how to clear the creative blocks that may stop you from journaling in the first place. It also shows you how to lovingly veer into the darker places of loss and grief.

Specific topics covered will depend on the length of workshop. They include:

  • Overcoming grammar shaming (and other types of shaming)  

  • Using the communication pyramid to go deeper

  • How to do a writing and walking workout

  • Getting to the heart of ‘why’ you want to write

  • Using your senses to tap into the creative current

  • Creating a joy list and using that to write

  • Creating a serendipity journal

  • Letting go, surrendering and listening to the small anxieties

  • Mapping out the pathway to self-love

  • Creating and using a loss list in order to work through grief

  • Plotting out a day in your new self-expressed life

  • How to create personal, creative blog posts

 Many people are likely to answer the question, “Does life feel good?” with, “Pah! Of course, it doesn’t”. It might look Instagram-worthy at times, and there are moments of happiness. But at other times it’s simply about keeping your head above water. It’s about struggling with work stress and deadlines. Trying to keep relationships and friendships going. All while raising kids, looking after sick relatives, or navigating your own health issues, while aiming to fit in a few moments of self-care. 

Using stories (both mine and my clients), writing exercises, tools and tips this workshop is an introduction to using the practice of journaling to uplift and inform your life.

Greta Solomon has eight years’ experience in delivering writing workshops and talks for multi-million pound companies, charitable organisations and creative conferences and events.

Upcoming workshops include:

  • Spring writer’s retreat, Trysil, Norway, 26-28 April, 2019

  • Heart, Sass & Soul workshop at The Three Sixty Everyday Joy retreat, 21 September, 2019

Previous workshops include:

  • Creating your Signature Talk, Econa (at Lancaster University)

  • Writing from the Heart, Blogtacular conference, London

  • Writing for Creative Self-Expression (a series of workshops and an online programme)

  • How to Write Awesome Blog Posts, Blogtacular conference, London

  • Writing for Business, a 10-week City University short course, London

  • Weekend Writers’ Retreat in Trysil, Norway