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I speak and write about writing creativity, self-expression, work and personal development for Forbes.com and many other publications.

Greta has taught many talented and skilled professionals to hone their writing skills and express themselves clearly. She is the writers’ writing teacher and coach.
— Zita Tulyahikayo, Life Therapy with Zita Podcast

Finding your voice and joy in writing, Grow With Soul podcast with Kayte Ferris

Creative self-expression and fully accepting yourself through journaling, Creatively Human podcast with Ruth Poundwhite

Writing for Joy, League of Extraordinary Introverts podcast

Doing freewriting and other creative writing exercises can enable you to get to the heart of what’s really stopping you from moving forward.
— from 'How to use Journaling to achieve your goals', Forbes.com

I Am A Yoga Girl, YogaGirl.com

How to Balance Your Hustle with Your Flow, The Numinous / Moon magazine

Creativity is a remedy – a tonic that can help bring about real change. So, when the going gets tough, the tough ought to get writing.
— From 'How to write your way to wellbeing', forbes.com

Write Yourself Well, Nia Faraway.com

Emotions are never benign, and whether you feel them, or not, they are still there. Emotions are living, breathing entities that cause changes in blood chemistry – literally affecting our physical health.
— from 'Why Creativity is the Missing Piece in the Wellness Puzzle', Thrive Global

Top Tips for Writing for Business, City University News

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