I am the author of two books on how to use writing to create a better life


Heart, Sass & Soul (Mango, 2019) explores the life-changing power of freewriting and journaling. Discover who you are, recover the joy of creative self-expression and see how writing can be your best self-care therapy.This method for writing freely will change the way you live.


Just Write It! (McGraw-Hill, 2013) is a writing skills book with a difference. It teaches students to unblock their preconceptions and negative thoughts about writing. This helps them to achieve the marks that they are capable of and to realise their full potential.

Discover the life-changing power of freewriting and journaling with Heart, Sass & Soul

Note: This video was made before the final version of the book was finished and refers to a special pre-order campaign that has now ended. Some small details about the book have changed, but the essence, mission and messages are the same!

Discover the life-changing power of freewriting and journaling

Discover who you are: Writing for yourself is an incredible way to heal your heart, find happiness, and reconnect with the things that matter most. Journaling and freewriting can bring you a deeper level of self-awareness, allowing you to truly know who you are. Heart, Sass & Soul will show you how to develop a writing practice that nurtures inner strength and promotes a rich, fulfilled life.

Recover the joy of creative self-expression: As kids, many of us had vibrant imaginations and our lives were full of creativity. Over time, that self-expression gets lost in the busy routine of everyday life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The tips, techniques, and exercises for freewriting in this book will help you tap into that creativity deep in your soul.

Writing can be your best self-care therapy: Most of us, at some point in our lives, will lose something we truly love. That time in-between jobs, friends, relationships, homes, or whatever else, is the “great unknown.” Contrary to what some may tell you, this is not the time to make major, life-changing decisions. In the midst of loss and grief, you need self-care more than ever. In fact, the best thing to do in these times is write.

A new approach to finding happiness: If you love self-help books for women like Start Where You Are, Practice You, and 52 Lists for Happiness, you’ll love this new approach. Heart, Sass, & Soul is not a journal. It’s a method for writing freely that will change the way you live.

With this essential guide, you will learn how to:

  • Overcome self-doubt and develop a new creative identity

  • Transform dark times into something beautiful

  • Find moments for healing yourself without judgement

  • Become empowered with uninhibited self-expression

Listen to me read the introduction of Heart, Sass & Soul, video opens in YouTube

Heart, Sass & Soul is an inspirational (and practical) guide to harnessing your creativity and using self-expression to create a better life.
— Karen Swayne, Features & Health Editor, Prima magazine

“We all know that journaling can be a powerful self-care practice, Greta artfully shows us HOW. This is an insightful, inspiring book empowering us all with the tools of self-expression. Very liberating!” ~ Suzy Reading, Chartered Psychologist, Mind Editor at Psychologies magazine and Author of The Self-Care Revolution

“Writing is a powerful tool in delving within, in learning who we are and what we need, in building a beautiful life on our own terms. Greta Solomon's Heart, Sass & Soul is an invaluable, accessible, practical resource that helps us do just that. It is filled with insightful, inspiring, interesting stories and exercises. And it is no doubt a reference that you will return to throughout your life, throughout different seasons, transitions, and phases. Because it'll help you discover and rediscover who you are.” ~ Margarita Tartakovsky, a writer and associate editor at PsychCentral.com

“Greta's wisdom and warmth shines through on every page of this wonderful book. It's like being gently but purposefully guided towards a more accomplished version of you through writing, discovering your voice and your inner light – the you that you've always known you could be! This book has really helped me not to waver and stumble with my writing, but to stride confidently forward.” ~ Anya Hayes, Pilates Teacher, MBCT Mindfulness Coach and Author of The Supermum Myth

“As a writer, I know first-hand how therapeutic it can be to order your feelings on paper (or a computer). This book is a wonderful resource for people who want to go deeper and really explore both positive and negative emotions.” ~ Annie Ridout, Journalist and Author of The Freelance Mum

“A welcome and stylish exploration of writing as a way of uplifting your life. Sensitive, sassy and creative.” ~ Malcolm Stern, Psychotherapist, author and co-founder of Alternatives

“Greta is to writing what Marie Kondo is to tidying. This is a marvel of a book which explores how you can find your creative voice and help clarify your thoughts through the lost art of writing. Creativity is, Greta says, the missing piece of the wellness puzzle and in this book she shows you how to tap into your own creativity and use it to overcome issues and express yourself more clearly. Through it, we can rediscover the cathartic power of creative writing.” ~ Georgina Fuller, Freelance journalist for national newspapers and magazines including The Telegraph, The Guardian and Modern Woman

“Greta Solomon reminds us of the value and importance of living a reflective, self-reflexive and creative life, with enjoyable and gently challenging exercises, prompts and wisdoms and her own fresh and supportive voice.” ~ Deborah Alma, Emergency Poet (prescribing poems from her 1970s ambulance) and author of The Emergency Poet: An Anti-Stress Poetry Anthology

“Keeping a journal has been a daily practice for me for many years. Journaling enriches my life as it helps to hone my craft as a writer. Writing down my thoughts clears my mind and helps me discover the topics that are really grabbing my attention. Greta Solomon's book is the go-to guide on the art of journaling.” ~ Joan Gelfand, author of You Can Be a Winning Writer

“In a world where we are often bombarded with other people’s stories it is vital for our wellbeing and success in life to make contact with our own stories. Heart, Sass and Soul is the essential guide for how to create that meaningful relationship with self and then become the author and authority of your own story.” ~ Zita Tulyahikayo, Systemic Coach and Hypnotherapist

“Behold! You are holding a bright pearl of love. A guide that bridges between your inner being and its outer expression. This work is coming from a mature and ripe place, with deep personal and professional experience. How blessed we are to be gifted with Greta’s work which is profound and inspiring yet light and accessible.” ~ Yair Sagy, Yoga teacher, healer and facilitator at Armonia Alpujarra Healing Retreat Centre