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Greta Solomon, 41, is a thought leader in how creativity and writing for creative self-expression intersect with self-love, self-acceptance and success in work and life. She is a qualified life coach and lifelong learning teacher, and a twice published author with a degree in psychology from Warwick University and a former career as a women’s magazine journalist. She has 13 years of international experience in training individuals and companies in writing skills and was a visiting business writing lecturer at University of London, City. Greta is a Forbes.com contributor and her freelance articles have been published in Red and Kindred Spirit. Her latest book is Heart, Sass & Soul: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness (Mango, April 2019).

From healing from her mum’s death by suicide, to breaking through creative blocks, to integrating emotional and spiritual lessons, to taking the path less travelled – she is committed to living the writer’s life. Born in London to Caribbean immigrants, she has travelled extensively and spent six years living in Norway. Greta lives in London with her husband and daughter.

The healer said: “Your heart has remained open because you’re a writer, because you’ve been consistently writing throughout your life.
— From Heart, Sass & Soul

Note: This video was made before the final version of the book was finished and refers to a special pre-order campaign that has now ended. Some small details about the book have changed, but the essence, mission and messages are the same!

Greta Solomon is to writing what Marie Kondo is to tidying. This is a marvel of a book which explores how you can find your creative voice and help clarify your thoughts through the lost art of writing.
— Georgina Fuller, journalist, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Modern Woman

You woke me up

“Your writing workshop woke me up. I saw how my old love of writing, which had sustained me in girlhood could empower me again”. Ampy Basa


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