About Greta

I am a British journalist turned writing coach and the author of two books about writing, including Heart, Sass & Soul: Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness (Mango, May 2019).

In 2006, I discovered a talent for helping people overcome the blocks, fears and shame that stops them from fully expressing themselves. Through talks, workshops and online programmes, I teach real-world writing techniques and inspire others to live rich, full lives.

Greta Solomon is to writing what Marie Kondo is to tidying.
— Georgina Fuller, Freelance journalist

Heart, Sass & Soul explores the life-changing power of freewriting and journaling. A new approach to self-expression, self-care and happiness.


Writing for Creative Self-Expression is a unique, online programme helping professional and aspiring writers to fully express themselves.

Five day writing challenge

Journey Beyond Journaling is a free, five-day challenge. Spend 10-15 minutes a day on simple practices that make your writing come to life.


You woke me up

“Your writing workshop woke me up. I saw how my old love of writing, which had sustained me in girlhood could empower me again”. Ampy Basa


Some downloads for writing your way to self-love, inspiration and happiness


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Listen to some recent guest podcast episodes and get inspired with my articles about writing creativity, self-expression, work and personal development.