Finding The Freedom To Write: 4-Week Online Course

Discover the true expression of who YOU are in this unique course in writing for creative self-expression.

This course helps professional and aspiring writers to overcome the fears, blocks, doubt and shame that stops them from fully expressing themselves. You’ll learn how to unleash your creative spirit and find your voice.


So, how do you know if you are blocked? (Hint: It’s not always obvious)

It’s likely that you have a deep desire to blog, journal or write poetry, books or articles. But you find that your inspiration is sporadic. Alternatively, you just can’t get started, or sustain a writing practice. There may be something you REALLY want to say – but you’re not sure how to express it.

Perhaps you have:

  • Long-buried dreams of being a writer but can remember the specific time a teacher, parent, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, colleague or friend ridiculed your work.

  • Been celebrated for your writing and / or work as a professional writer, but find that you can’t write what really matters to you.

  • Always wanted to be a journalist, poet, songwriter or novelist but now work in a communication-related field that leaves you feeling uninspired.

  • Started writing a book but can’t find the mojo to complete it.

The details are unique for each person. But on some level, there’s a soul gap you need to fill, despite you looking pretty sorted and successful on the outside. There’s a feeling that SOMETHING needs to be resolved before you can move forward.

That’s the thing with writing and communication. Sometimes all we can do is feel and we struggle to put those feelings into words.

That’s where the blocks, fears, doubt and shame live – beneath all the words we use in day-to-day life. And it’s my job to bring these to light, help you overcome them and teach you writing tools and techniques that you can use to keep your writing and creativity flowing. Plus, you can join a community of writers through a private Facebook group.

By immersing yourself in this course, you’ll begin to uncover your voice and learn how to use it.  

Imagine your life in four weeks after finishing the programme. Imagine it in 12 months, in 12 years. Where will you and your writing be? In magazines and books? On the radio or television? Dancing freely across the pages of your journal? When you take consistent and inspired action – anything and everything is possible. 


An overview of the course

Duration: Four weeks

Price: £349

Format: Delivered online via videos, audios and worksheets. There is also a private Facebook group.

What you need: A computer / tablet with internet connection, a notebook and pen and 1.5 to 2 hours each week.

What you get: You’ll get weekly emails reminding you to log into my site to download all the materials and a pdf of everything at the end.

You will also get personal feedback / coaching each week via email. This will help you to work through some of the deeper seated blocks to get you and your writing in the flow.


Here is what we will cover


Module 1: Healing shame (and other unhelpful emotions) and laying the foundations for success

Why you’ve signed up for the course and what you want to get out of it. The ways in which other people have shamed you and / or your writing. The communication pyramid and how to navigate it.

Module 2: Focusing on mindset matters

We’ll look at strategies for overcoming psychological blocks. You’ll discover your writing personality and how it helps / hampers you. And we’ll look at the reasons ‘why’ you want to write in a more free and expressive way. Plus, you’ll create your own writing workout.

Module 3: Tapping into your creative current

We’ll explore the tool of object writing. Playing with images and filling the creative well. You’ll also do writing sprints, which is interval training for your writing.

Module 4: Exploring metaphor – the language of the soul

This is a deep dive into metaphors. You’ll create word clashes and use a metaphor-making tool. And we’ll play with poetry and find poetry prescriptions. You’ll also get a literary techniques checklist and explore different writers use metaphors (and other literary techniques) in their work.

I am healing that tender, violated part of my inner world.
— Janet McQueen, blogger/photographer/creative elder

“Before taking the course my experience with writing had been difficult, even though the urge to write has always been a part of who I am. When I was young, I loved to write stories and also wrote constantly as a way to express all the angst of my teenage years. Unfortunately, this led to shaming because those very personal journal entries were read by some who used them to ridicule and criticise me. I am only now coming to terms with what a violation that was and how it destroyed a very deep part of who I was at the time. 

“You are the first person to name and identify the damage done by this kind of shaming and after working through your course I am recognising that I am well on the way to healing that tender, violated part of my inner world. Thank you so much for that!

“Over the years, these experiences have created a very judgemental, over-protective Inner Critic who has effectively stifled any joy I feel when I write. Overcoming that inner voice has been my biggest challenge. 

“Perhaps the most significant change has been the remarkable, gradual fading of that critical voice. Now that I have a structure to work within and techniques to practice, it has given me a sense of direction and purpose that was missing before the course. All the tools you have given us, and all of your encouragement, have helped me to realise that I can learn to write. It is all about spending time – consistently – learning the skills of writing and communicating effectively. And I can do that!

“I think my biggest insight has been realizing that being a writer does not have to be a gift, instead it is about learning the skills, creating the discipline, and then write, write, write. 

“I had several aha moments during the course. One of the most significant was when you shared that you did object writing every single day for a year! That really woke me up to the commitment I need to make to get the outcome I want and the best part of realising that is knowing that it can actually be done. It’s not magical, it’s not a divine gift, it’s achievable.

“I would just like to add that I really loved this course, Greta. I am so grateful that I was able to participate. The content totally exceeded my expectations! Your videos are not only a wonderful teaching tool but each time I watch them (and I do continue to watch them) I feel like we are having a cozy chat with a cup of tea in my living room. The course content is extremely useful and well researched, clearly and professionally presented and it flows easily from one lesson to the next. 

“I am already writing with a newfound confidence and enthusiasm and I know I will use your tools and techniques as long as I write, which I hope will be forever.”

I now appreciate EVERYTHING around me
— Jacqueline Smith, aspiring novelist

“Before taking part in this course, I had started to write a book. Having seen my book coach on a number of occasions, and having discussions about the content for my book, I realised that I wasn't quite ready for the task. I needed to do more reading and research into "writing".

“The challenges I faced were how to use techniques to engage the reader and make the text more interesting, how to form characters, how to include background information to build the story and how to change direction to keep the reader in suspense, rather than giving them everything up front. 

“I love to read. Previously I'd read books without observing traits that are used to make me turn those pages.  Now, I can appreciate the different literary techniques and marvel at how it helps to create a great story.

“My biggest insight has been understanding and being able to apply the literary techniques to my own work. Also, appreciating EVERYTHING around me – the environment, the sounds, the atmosphere as they can provide information for my written work. I find this amazing.”

The workshop woke me up
— Ampy Basa, Private chef, connector, food enthusiast and teacher

“When I signed up for your workshop, I came with the idea of redefining the role writing would play in my life.  I needed to harness this skill again, as I set up my food business. I wanted to be able to record the life milestones in my family. I wanted to retell what I could remember of my grandmother’s history as she falls deeper and deeper into dementia. So many aspects of my life needed me to write.  The workshop woke me up. I saw how my old love of writing, which had sustained me in girlhood, could empower me again. I have multiple stories to tell and share with family, friends, clients and anyone who will listen. I no longer feel encumbered by strict writing rules that shackled my creativity in the past.

“Your tips on how to make writing a habit, sparked the journey.  Using my phone to jot down ideas until I have more time to revisit, was very valuable. Having a dedicated notebook for your writing convenient, so that you can write anytime.  I flirted with imagery to have a more powerful effect on the reader.  I have these stories from real life and my fantasies that are filling my mind. The workshop gave me permission and taught me the practicalities of mining them. I continue to be inspired.”

I have more clarity now
— Lucy Peltier, blogger and crafter

“Before your workshop, I had been writing a creative lifestyle blog for about two years, with no guidance or training. This was an experience I enjoyed immensely, and I felt drawn to. The biggest challenges I faced were not having the knowledge or skills required to improve my writing style and not feeling clear about my long-term goals in terms of writing.

“I now have writing techniques that were not at my disposal beforehand and which add depth and interest to my writing. I have more clarity as to where I want to go with my writing and what part I want writing to play in my career as a creative. I have had more confidence since the workshop to find my own writing style. My biggest insight is the realisation that using writing and literary techniques, such as metaphors (I loved the metaphor exercise!), can add real interest and perhaps a professional quality to my writing which serves to set it apart.

“I would like to also say that in addition to the skills, techniques and information taught in the workshop, I felt that there was a deep, soulful feel to the training. There was a strong message and learning that writing from the heart, finding your passion and being clear about the reason you write are equally as important as the skills and techniques. I believe this makes Greta’s workshop unique.”

Remember that a lot of the baggage you’re holding isn’t yours, so put it down. Work on yourself and develop the tenacity to ignore the naysayers.

Sit down, pick up a pen and write your own future. None of your writing dreams can come true if you don’t actually write.

It’s essential to avoid the pushy, shouty messages about writing a bestseller in 30 days, or earning six-figures out of thin air, or writing a book that magically markets your business for you.

Developing a successful writing practice is about undertaking a personal development journey. It’s about digging deep. Finding lost parts of you and expressing things you were once unable to express. It’s about developing a calm confidence within yourself. This enables you to put into practice the things you know you ought to do. It enables you to overcome the nagging doubts, and the feelings of ‘who am I to write this?’

A little about me

I have been a professional writer since 2000, six months after leaving university. I started off as a magazine journalist before moving into poetry and songwriting and then public relations and corporate communications and periodically weaving my may through all of these. I am now a writing coach, the author of two books and a regular Forbes.com contributor. I lead workshops, courses and retreats. I speak at conferences, events and universities. And my journal never leaves my side. But getting paid to write and becoming an expert trainer and coach doesn’t mean that I’ve walked a golden path. It means I’ve found a way to navigate the blocks, fears, doubts and shame that could have stalled my career, or prevented it altogether.

By 2012, I had created a business out of writing by becoming a business writing trainer. By 2016, I needed a break from pitching, developing, creating and delivering business writing workshops. Especially considering that I did all this alongside being pregnant and then in a new mum – while living in a foreign country!

With time and space on my side, I finally wrote what I wanted and needed to write. At first it was like clearing the phlegm from my writing throat. But soon the essence of my book Heart, Sass & Soul flowed, as did a workshop in Writing for Creative Self-Expression, which sold out within hours. I knew I was onto something, and that workshop has flourished into this four-week transformational course. It is my wish to help you uncover your voice. And I feel that EVERYTHING you NEED to know about writing for creative self-expression is right here in this programme.

By following this course, you will get the inspiration, confidence and freedom to move forward with your writing.