Journaling is for everyone. If you can read and write, and you have some paper and a pen – then this ancient method of healing and creative expression is available to you.

It doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy. You don’t need beautiful calligraphy style handwriting. You don’t need an artist’s eye. It’s a place to scribble, to be messy, to write in all different colours, with old chewed-up biros, perhaps even illegibly. You can even rip it up afterwards and throw it away.

It’s not about presenting a pristine front to the world, it’s about getting real with yourself.

Journaling makes the public private and is a way of sorting through the stuff of life, so that it makes sense to YOU. And if you do it enough, then pieces of writing – article or book ideas, poems or song lyrics – can spring off the page. As can inventions, ‘aha’ moments, and fragments of inspiration and intuition that can drive your life forward.

So far, so good. But committing to regularly put pen to paper can be difficult. Sometimes nothing flows. And the life insights you signed up for just don’t come. That’s where Journey Beyond Journaling comes in.

You’ll receive daily videos and creative exercises that you can complete in 10-15 minutes. These will support you in releasing mindset blocks, getting in your body, awakening your senses and opening your heart.


This challenge is designed for people who yearn to write more.You’ll kickstart your writing and creativity and begin to see what’s possible for you, beyond the pages of your journal.

A little about me

I have been a professional writer since 2000, six months after leaving university. I started off as a magazine journalist before moving into poetry and songwriting and then public relations and corporate communications and periodically weaving my may through all of these. I am now a writing coach, the author of two books and a regular contributor. I lead workshops, courses and retreats. I speak at conferences, events and universities. And my journal never leaves my side. But getting paid to write and becoming an expert trainer and coach doesn’t mean that I’ve walked a golden path. It means I’ve found a way to navigate the blocks, fears, doubts and shame that could have stalled my career, or prevented it altogether.

By 2012, I had created a business out of writing by becoming a business writing trainer. By 2016, I needed a break from pitching, developing, creating and delivering business writing workshops. Especially considering that I did all this alongside being pregnant and then in a new mum – while living in a foreign country!

With time and space on my side, I finally wrote what I wanted and needed to write. At first it was like clearing the phlegm from my writing throat. But soon the essence of my book Heart, Sass & Soul flowed, as did a workshop in Writing for Creative Self-Expression, which sold out within hours.

From there, I’ve birthed many projects, including this Journey Beyond Journaling challenge.

So, are you ready to answer the call to live a more expressed life? Sign-up below.